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Playlists constantly disable offline and always downloading

Playlists constantly disable offline and always downloading

I am at the end of my tether.  Sicne the security uipdate 4 months ago, on Android my playlists happily download and use GBs of data. I only 20 playlists that are offline.  They work for a single session.  When I go back in, they are no longer offline. and I need to swipe them offline again and of course starts to consuming all the same data again.  


I have cleared cache, uninstalled Spotify but to no avail.  Set just one playlist to offline this morning and downloaded it.  2 hours later I went back into Spotify and the playlist is no longer enabled for offline and no tracks are downloaded. Please help !!

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I am on Android 4.4.2 (unable to upgrade until carrier rolls out 5)

Spotify ver

Now I have seen lots of people with the same issue but scouring other forums spotted a potential cause.. SANDISK SDXC 64gb memory cards had a production issue last year that caused card to dismount or get locked. Bear in mind I had followed instructios to uninstall clear folders and reinstall many times. Raised RMA request and with replacement card no more issues. Hope this helps someone.

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