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Playlists in random order

Playlists in random order

I noticed yesterday that my playlists and playlist folders are completely out of order on my phone. There is no way to rearrange them.
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Hi @BeardedGeek72

I got the same problem but there is a fix. Apparently, they added playlists sorting in the Android app. Just open Your Library -> Playlists and then scroll up from the top. A bar with a filter and 3 lines menu will show up. Press on the 3 lines and chose Sort by custom. That will revert to the previous sorting of your playlists. I am attaching a screenshot for clarification.

Hope this will help you. Happy listening 🙂



I don't have that menu. I can't pull the screen down lower than I have it on the screenshot.


That might be the bug. I can get the sorting option in Songs, but not in playlists.

That is weird. Have you updated the app to the latest version?

According to Google Play Store yes. I uninstalled and did a fresh download.

Got it. Well, Spotify is usually rolling out new features gradually so hold tight for now. You should have the update pretty soon and will be able to sort your playlists then.



I got a tip on reddit: Create a new playlist, then out of thin air the hamburger menu pops out and you can sort.


Of course... I still can't sort the way I want (aka alphabetically but with folders on top). The completely worthless sorting function sorts folders with lists.

wth? That's a functionality even Windows 95 had. And this app too, until last update.

If you managed to get your playlists sorted by custom, try to change the order on the Spotify desktop app. It should apply the order on your phone too.

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