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Playlists named "Loading...", cannot delete


Playlists named "Loading...", cannot delete

I have a few playlists in my Spotify app that I had tried to import from iTunes. To be honest, I cannot remember how I went about that, but somehow I did it. Many of the playlists worked, but a few of them didn't. Instead of populating their names and songs, they got stuck. Now I have 7 or 8 playlists called "Loading..." and when I long press on them, the playlist menu that normally loads also doesn't work and just says "loading...".

I checked the web player and also Windows and Mac Spotify apps and while I can right click the playlists on those apps and then click delete, nothing happens.

So this issue is actually cross platform. Guessing I have some corrupted or glitched playlists.

How can I get these deleted?

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If you get in touch with the support team, they'll fix this for you.

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Same problem with me- on the desktop player and my iOS client. It's been that way for months. I guess it was a playlist I was following that the curator deleted or 'something'.


Would love to know how to fix this.

same here, it's everywhere, seems like I've to live with my new friend...

But maybe someone knows a fix for it, would be nice!

as of September 2017, this is still a problem?

I was just cleaning up some of my saved content and noticed these "Loading..." playlists as well.


If I log into the Web Player, I can at least see that they're mine, not followed, but as mentioned, I'm unable to delete them.  The option to delete is there via the menu dots, but the delete command is ineffective.

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If you get in touch with the support team, they'll fix this for you.

Hey Joe,

thanks man.  I did just that.  'preciate it.

Might have been a post of yours on another thread that led me that direction

Link you posted to contact support is handy as well.  All I could find at first yesterday were links to their Twitter and FB pages, encouraging people to contact them there?


It took me going through three reps to get past the fluffy juicebox/chicken nugget eating Tier1 responders, but the last one got me sorted.

Haha, love the "fluffy juicebox/chicken nugget eating Tier1 responders" 🙂

Glad you got there in the end. That link and other contact information is on their contact page which they cunningly disguised as an About page.

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