Playlists not syncing


Playlists not syncing

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I'm experiencing some problems with syncing playlists from Spotify Desktop to the Mobile App.


I've made some playlists on the PC and added various songs but they just wont show up on the mobile - I've reinstalled, logged in/out etc, but no joy!


Also, when I click Devices in Spotify Desktop, and ensure they're both connected to the same network, then load Spotify on the phone, nothing happens...


Any suggestions hugely appreciated! Smiley Happy





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Re: Playlists not syncing

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OK. So it appears as though I somehow have two Spotify accounts.....


I'm confused, and how are they both Premium (seemingly?)




EDIT: Ah ok, my actual Premium account (this one) is not the one I logged into on my phone, but logging into this other account on my phone started a 48 hour trial of Premium...that's how they both have premium.


Pffft, oh well - life goes on.