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Please Fix Audiographic Map Of The World

Please Fix Audiographic Map Of The World

Hi...I'm a Spotify Premium member & are currently utilizing an LG Android/Smartphone device..The problem I am experiencing is that when I click on the Audiographic Musical Map Of The World to see what are countries are listening too ..when the map appears on my screen..instead of showing a view of the whole world & all countries..instead it appears as a screen zoomed in on Washington D.C. and the screen does not allow me to zoom out and restore the normal view of the world..making the audiographic map unusable...I've uninstalled/reinstalled the Spotify app & still no avail...Is anybody else experiencing this too? Its been like this past 2 mos...please fix..
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I'm going to show my ignorance here but I had no idea I could access this map from the app - could you please let me know where they've hidden this feature? I can access the map in my chrome browser. As you say it starts off zoomed in on Washington but pinching in to zoom out works fine in the browser.

My bad..didnt explain myself clearly...when I go to the audiographic map feature on fhe chrome browser Im utilizing..for some reason im unable to pinch in to zoom out like one normally can on map views...Joe when you first click to bring up the audiographic map on your chrome browser does it appear as a normal full view of all countries or does it right away appear zoomed in up close on the washington dc area like it does when I click & land on the map? im maybe beginning to think the issue might be on my end...perhaps at some point I had viewed something up close in the DC area on the map...but main problem is its "locked in and stuck on zoomed in up close mode" and Im unable to zoom out & restore the full world map view...if I wanna view other cities than Washington DC...or countries...I can still glide the screen left or right...but it takes forever to get to my destination on the map because its in "up close mode" I have to slowly pass thru every town & highway on the map just to get to a neighboring state nevermind country which would take forever in up close mode....very...very frustrated...any suggestions on how to restore full view of map & getting zoomed out? The symbol/icon that normally shows zoom in/zoom out on a map doesnt appear on the map page like it used to...hope I explained this clearly..any help would be appreciated or suggestions..I miss utilizing this feature

Hiya. Yes, mine opens up fully zoomed in on DC but that's the case on my laptop too so I guess that's how it's been set up. I wouldn't expect to see +/- controls in the mobile version (if you hit the 3 dots menu and request the desktop version you will see the zoom controls but good luck hitting them) but it's weird that pinching doesn't work for you. Does it work in other apps - google maps or looking at a photo?


I use chrome beta which you can get from the Play store so it might be worth giving that a try. It also has a setting to force enable zoom under "accessibility" although I haven't enabled that.

Just to make sure were on the same page..what is pinching exactly? Sorry Im not 100% up on all tech

Touch the screen with two fingers. Move them towards each other to zoom out, move them further apart to zoom in.

Hey @Beltane575xx did you get this to work?

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