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I'm using android (obvi) and Podcasts don't work, i keep tapping on them but they don't open up. I tried long pressing but all it gives me is the synopsis of the chosen podcast and the option to share it on social media but i haven't been able to listen to anything. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

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i have the same problem! Did anyone come back to you with an answer on this??

Hey @mich_mashmish and @ab1987, welcome to our Community!


That's not cool. Could you let us know if this is happening with your offline Podcasts? If so, did it happen after your phone restarted/battery died? Do you have more than 3 offline devices?

Keep us posted.

still doesn't work, you try clicking on the podcast and it doesn't respond.
I tried restarting phone, re-installing app, nothing. I have never been
able to use Spotify podcast since i downloaded the app (i think around mid
last year).

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