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Podcasts do not maintain position when paused or stopped

Podcasts do not maintain position when paused or stopped







Operating System

Android Windows 10


My Question or Issue


This happens on both Windows and Andriod. Spotify loses the positions of podcasts which are generally over 20mins. This happens randomly and sparodicaly. I can't seem to pin down what is uniquely causing this issue,  and it is effecting both devices.


It appears that this topic is brought up again and again, however the prevailing community advice is leave Spotify and go to Google Music. If a member of spotify staff could at the very least offer advice on how to solve this or at the very least acknowledge this issue. (Again this is happening when just the phone is in use!!!)


I am not sure how spotify is saving the positions on files but I can't see this being a big issue. Let alone happening on a local device.


I have had this happen both when connected and disconnected from the internet, when I have both desktop and Phone versions open and when I have Just the phone version open.


Any advice on how to fix this issue or advice on when a fix will be provided would be greatly appreciated.







2 Replies

I have had the same issue as well. It happened back at the begginning of the year, and I had to uninstall spotify, and reinstall to fix it. It worked for a while, but it just started resetting again when I pause. 


I don't understand how so many people can have the same issue, and Spotify seemingly refuses to respond or fix the issue. I have started gradually moving my podcast listening over to the RadioPublic app.. which is unfortunate because I pay for Spotify and have been listening to podcasts on there for a very long time. 


I don't have a fix for you but, I guess I just want you to know you are not alone, and I am hoping for a fix one day too. 


It's always nice to have someone to commiserate with. I am probably going to look at other music solutions myself to be honest. Thanks for letting me know what app you used, I havn't heard of it but will take a look.

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