Podcasts just aren't working on any platform


Podcasts just aren't working on any platform


I've trying to fix spotify for the better half of 3 hours now. I have been listening to podcasts just fine the last few days, but since last night they just stopped playing entirely. I've been listening to The One You Feed, and once I got to episode 401 (I just found them so I've been watching from the most recent, going back), it won't play on the mobile app, web browser or pc app (Downloaded from the website, OR Microsoft Store).

I've logged out from all devices, I've done clean re-installations on my laptop and phone, and I'm a premium user. Support hasn't been much help since they suggest the methods I've already tried. I'm more so hoping any users have had fixes that helped them.

I listen on my Galaxy Note 9, and my Windows 10 Laptop (which just updated to the most recent version this week)

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