Poor Audio Quality When Using Wired Headphones

Poor Audio Quality When Using Wired Headphones




United States


Nokia 7.2

Operating System

Android 9/10

Spotify App Version


My Question or Issue

I have been experiencing an intermittent issue with the audio quality from Spotify. Initially I thought it was an issue with my device.


Issue details

Buzzing sound when listening to anything from Spotify. It sound like a tinny-ness that one might hear when putting an audio file through an old timey audio filter. The highs are scratchy and tinny. The lows seems to be unaffected by this. Regardless, the audio quality is very poor.


Issue Frequency

As of a few months ago it didn't happen very often. Though now it happens 49 out of every 50 times I plug in a pair of headphones.


Troubleshooting already Performed

  • Tried other music apps immediately after experiencing issue. No other apps exhibit the same audio issue.
  • Uninstalled Spotify in two different ways.
  • Tried other pairs of headphones, problem still present.
  • Audio via Bluetooth and audio from the speakers on the device are unaffected.
4 Replies

Following ,Same problem and steps taken w/ galaxy tab since recent update.You tube and and other players work fine 

Same problem here

Update device software 

Hey there @@BB777 and @albertocontre ,


Thank you for reaching out. 


Could you please confirm if this happen on one device or more devices? 


Have you guys checked out our audio settings? Click here to get to our support page for that.


Keep us posted. We're always one reply away 🙂



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