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Can't play music if bad network

Can't play music if bad network






Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

Operating System

Android 9 - MIUI 11


My Question or Issue

Situation :

- When network (mobile provider or WiFi) is good, Spotify is good. When no network (or Airplane mode), Spotify is good also (obviously only downloaded stuff is available). But when network is low quality & slow ... Spotify is unusable.

Behavior :

- Even if I press "play", the music won't start. At all. Including downloaded music.

- Shortcuts to put Spotify "Offline" (from Android top-bar menu) disappeared a while ago

Workaround :

- Have to use "airplane mode" to have a good/bad (not "meh") band status. Of course, cuts the bluetooth and the connection to the headset at the same time -_-


Is there a way to make Spotify less sensitive to network quality, at least for downloaded music ? Or put back the option to use Spotify offline, even if the phone is NOT in airplane mode ?


Thanks for your help !

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