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Poor audio quality and they do not solve this problem

Poor audio quality and they do not solve this problem






(Samsung Galaxy J6, Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, Lenovo V310)

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(Android 10, Android 11, Android 12, MIUI 13, Windows 10)


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I have been writing to you in the community since 2020 for the same problem that I have not solved since July 2020. The problem is that the audio quality of Spotify on all the devices I have is bad and the volume is even worse, super low. They had already told me what to configure for this to improve but none of their recommendations solve the problem that I have had since 2020 in all the devices I have at home. Whenever I listen to Spotify, the audio quality is quite bad compared to other players and bad, I mean that the basses have no power and sound dry, quite dry, the high-pitched sounds are heard as if through the background and the voice is the only thing that highlights and covers the rest of the instruments. Also the volume is super low. For example, with a JBL Flip 5 it is heard very low in open environments and it does not even come close to the 20 watts that the speaker has but it happens with every day of audio, even with Sony Bluetooth headphones or Harman Kardon speakers always the volume and the audio quality is very bad and very low. I want you to explain to me what is happening because it is super annoying to listen to music and that you cannot enjoy a clean and clear sound or a decent volume in open environments

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