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**Potential fix"** Local files will not sync.

**Potential fix"** Local files will not sync.

*The solution did in the end turn out to be the anti-virus, despite altering all the neccesary settings it still seemed to block access - yet not the spotify-remote function for some strange reason. Which almsot lead me to belivie it was a flaw in the programing from Spotify - guess I was wrong. >.<'
So in the end, I was forced to nothnig short of removing my AV to be able to sync... Gonna have to see if there is an alternative to that! :P*

**The Fix
To clarify for anyone with similar problems:
I currently use ESET Smart Security, and it seemed that it was it's automatic filltering mode that was causing a hassle for no reason at all...


**Anyway, for anyone who has ESET antivirus, or similar problem which might have similar solution:
Open up ESET main menu -> Setup -> Click on the  "Network" lable.
Under "Automatic Filltering Mode", click on "Configure Rules and Zones...".

Now, press "New", go to the "Local" tab. Here, under "Application", you browse to your spotify main directory (For me: C:\Users\*******\AppData\Roaming\Spotify) and select "spotify.exe".
With spotify.exe selected, go back to the "General" tab. Here, under "General information etc. etc.", go ahead and give this new rule a name fo your choosing. I recomend "Spotify", for simplicitys sake. Make sure "Directions" is set to "Both", and "Action" to "Allow".
And there you have it! Press OK to save your new rule


Hopefully this should resolve any issues anyone of you gusy had - it sure did for me!


***Original poblem***

Okay.. where to start?

I have a Iphone 4, and have had it for 4 years and have recently bought a new phone. A Oneplus One, Android OS.
Everything works well with the app other then it doesn't sync local files, and given that the majority of my music comes from indie/hobby songwriters, audio-books (and spoitfys slim selection...), this is quite the hassel for me - and is forcing me to consider quiting spotify completely.

I've tried most things as I can think of possible, but the list is small considering that it already worked with my previous phone.

-All apps, operating system, and desktop are all up to date - and even if not, is still worknig flawlesly in syncing with my previous phone.

-It will sync tracks avaiable online. And it will conect and show the playlists, along with the local files - altough it clearly indicates it isn't syncing, and the tracs are unavaiable.
-The anti-virus and fire wall have been altered to specificaly allow Spotify - again though, it works with my other phone even before I changed this...

-No, I hve not messed around with the router. The reasoning ofcourse being that I find it highly unlikely that it is neccesary - consdiering it has worked/is worknig with the other phone.
-Neither phone shows up in the desktop as a device, so that doesn't mean anything - because... AGAIN the old phone still works...
-What is interesting is that I just now noticed that my Android phone actually connect with my Desktop in that it can control what's being played trough it. So the phone and PC are connected, not sure if this have any relevance as to wheater or not they are connected via the same network, or just both active at the same time via internet rather then local traffic.

-Tested compeltely clearing all data, and re-installnig app on phone.

-Yes... the phone is basicly empty on a 64 GB storage... fairly certain it's not a lack of space!


Any help is accapted, but please, save me the pitty answers such as "Are you sure you have the song in the same playlist? Are you sure you have enabeled avaiable offline?" and so on... 

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