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Please excuse what are probably very old questions from a Spotify newbie.....apologies in advance if I've wasted bandwidth....


Just signed up for a premium trial.  I got a 30 day trial indicating that regular billing will start on the 29th of September 2014 (which is fine).  But I logged into the same account on my phone and its telling me I have a seven day trial).  Same user Id/same log in....everything.


So far its looking like I'll keep the service. My only gripes:


1. No Beatles ---- grrr.


2. Aformentioned trial problem (will get solved one way or the other, I'm sure).


3. Casting to from Android to AIrplay Devices (airport expresses and apple tv).  Looks like this is a real conundrum.


Nothing can be done about point one, I'm sure.  As for part two, I've emailed customers service and will see what they have to say.  Point three, would appreciate your advice on successes streaming from my two Android devices (Motorola Moto X and Nexus 7 tablet).



Kenny in NJ

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Hey there KennyL98. Thanks for your input.


When you open first time Spotify on your device, there is always a little trial. You still have a longer trial. Make sure, go to settings, do you have same account as in Spotify site or on another app? In site you can login into account from Log In button and there you should see option like You have Spotify Premium etc. stuff. If you're using exactly same account on all your devices, you should be good - so do not worry. You will be billed when trial ends. Billing date is always a day when you registered for premium.


I'm more than happy to answer future question.


What music do you like most. Any suggestions for my dinner? Even if there is no Beatles, I hope you can find your favs.


Have a nice day!

Thank you, hpguru


That is what I'm hoping.  Yes, definitely using the same account....all the stations, favorites show up....etc.

Hopefully, someone will make a recommendation (that works) to solve my Android issues.


As for what am I listening to?  Today, just the best acoustic guitarist on the planet -- Leo Kottke.   Spotify seems to have his entire catalog.  Great stuff.  All instrucmental.


Have a nice holiday weekend.


Kenny In NJ



This was very great music for my dinner. Many thanks!!!


Enjoyed the music and dinner. Like never before, thanks for suggestion!

Glad you enjoyed listening to Mr. Kottke.  Like so many others, he's living and breathing proof....that fame and gold records are not the sole indicators of talent.  In fact, often times, just the opposite is true (why else would we have Madonna and J-Lo in the mix)?

But, "whatever floats your boat" is my mantra.  Everyone is free to like what they like.  And, it looks like there's plenty for everyone to choose from on spotify.



Kenny in NJ

Hi there... This maybe a very late comment but still. Anyway I am on an Apple iPod at the moment using the app however when I log in it tells me "password or username incorrect have you signed up?"(or something similar to that). When I reset my password and knew for a fact my username was correct it kept saying that. So I deleted the app twice it still did not work so I signed up with another account I signed out when I was finished on the app and tried signing in again it still said that so I knew then it wasn't my accounts it was the app but just to be sure I went on safari and used spotify via that, both accounts worked fine but I still continued having trouble on the app. I asked for help through the team but i got an email saying to use this website for immediate help. So please helps I could really use I have been trying for a whole day now to find a solution...

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