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Private Playlist messed up

Private Playlist messed up






Samsung Galaxy S6

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Android 7.0

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Hey, since one or two weeks my playlists is pretty messed up! Whenever i try to filter my songs by album they are not in the right order (same album on pc it works). Maybe some of you have the same problem and found an solution for that.


Thank you 

bye Max


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Hey @_Max_, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear about the issue you're having with sorting by Album. When did this start happening? Was it after an app or OS update? What Spotify version are you using?


Also, if you haven't already done so, try a clean reinstall to see if it makes a difference.


Let us know how it goes.


Im using Version 8.4 62.490.armV7.

I tried to make a Clean reinstal but it didnt worked. I cant say since when its so messed up but Im Sure its so since like 4 weeks. It must be after an App Update.

Sorry for the mistakes nur my mobile wir accept my english writing....

I Hope These Infos help a bit.

Have a nice day.

I was jus tabout to post saying I have this same issue!  It just started a few weeks ago, maybe more.  I noticed just suddenly, pretty sure after I updated it, more updates came out but none of them fixed it.  You sort the songs by Artist, and insttead of it sorting through the albums, it goes from a-z in songs through the artists.  It works fine on my computer.  If you need pictures I could try to take pictures.

I have sort of the same Problem... nur sometimes it doesnt even sort a-z

Any development on this issue?!?!  I' forgot about it until trying to use my phone today. and it's still doing it.  ANd obivously it's not just me.  

Seems so.....

Guess what guys!  I found a temporary fix if you have a computer!  You sort it throught artists a-z on your computer, Hold CTRL and press the top song and let go so it's highlighted.  Then go down to the bottom song and Hold CTRL on the final song so it highlights all songs.  Now copy paste it into a new playlist and sort it through recently added on your phone.  This'll work, but if you keep adding new songs, you'd have to re-do this.  So you have to have two playlists and only update one and then do the copy paste over again.  


I did contact support and they know about the issue now.  Not sure if they'll do anything about it but we'll see.  Hope this helps.

Hey nice im gonna try this. Thank you

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