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Problem Resuming Music When Connected to Car Bluetooth

Problem Resuming Music When Connected to Car Bluetooth







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I have a significant issue with Spotify when my phone is connected via Bluetooth to my car (Lexus RX450h). Usually when I listen to Google Play Music or Youtube on the Bluetooth input and then change to Radio, the car send a Pause signal to the app and when I'm listening to Radio the music/video is paused. When I click back over to Bluetooth, the car sends a signal to resume and Google Play Music or Youtube resumes the music, no problem.


However, with the Spotify app when I change from Radio to Bluetooth, there is no Pause signal sent to the app and Spotify continues to "play music" with the track advancing but of course no sound because the input is on Radio. The problem is when I change back to Bluetooth input, the car thinks that it should resume Spotify app but it's already playing so it gets super confused and no sound comes out. The only fix is to manually press the Play/Pause button twice on the car's dashboard to force the app to Play/Pause and re-sync the audio. If I try to do it on the app it doesn't work.


This not an issue with any Google apps (Youtube, Google Play Music) so it is definitely something that Spotify can resolve.


Developers, can you please fix this bug? I've replicated it multiple times.



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Hey @namqbui.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We're currently experiencing an issue where lock screen controls are not working when playing music through Bluetooth. Feel free to click +vote on this Ongoing Issue so you can stay up-to-date on this issue.


Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Hi Guido,


Thanks for replying. I don't think this is the same issue. Lockscreen controls work fine for me. This is related to Bluetooth Pause signal being sent from the car to the phone and Spotify not correctly identifying it.

I am having a similar problem whenever I turn the audio off in my car, it will resume playing when I turn it back on, but with no audio. If I try to disconnect and repair it will continue to play with no audio. The only thing that works is to restart everything including the car. I have a galaxy s8 and this would happen occasionally before the most recent android update (version 9), but now it happens every single time. I am aslo more likely to lose audio controls with my car after I restart it meaning I can't skip songs using my car controls and have to reselect bluetooth to get them working again.

Is there a fix for this one yet.?

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