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Problem with Moto G3 and Chromecast (2015) (video version)


Problem with Moto G3 and Chromecast (2015) (video version)

Spotify won't find my new Chromecast (2015) (video version) when using my Moto G (3rd generation) phone.

All other applicable apps on my Moto G3 finds the Chromecast.

When using my other devices the corresponding Spotify app finds the Chromecast.


I know of at least one more Moto G3 user with the same problem on a swedish forum.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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So... any news/info from Spotify?

Having the same problem with Chromecast Audio on my Motorolla Moto G 3rd gen.



Android: 5.1.1

Spotify version:

Chromecast Audio Firmware: 1.17a.49061


* Other Apps (Google Play Music) on my phone can cast to the chromecast

* Spotify on my phone can cast to other devices (Macbook Air)

* No device listed in devices list for Spotify

I switched to playlists on youtube for my chromecast but this is unbelievable from spotify: no ack, no answer, completely nothing.

Same here, it works as long as another device is connected.

Same here as above

Doesn't Spotify have a solution? Same problem here.

This morning I decided to install Cyanogen on my MotoG 2015 and 'magically'
now I can stream to my chromecast again (yey).

WARNING: Installing Cyanogen on your device will void your warranty so
DON'T DO it unless you fully understand what you are doing.

Same here.

Chromecast Video 2015 FW 1.17.48342

Moto G 2015 (3rd gen) Android 6.0


Marked as solution

After receiving the latest Spotify app update my Moto G3 is finally able to stream Spotify to my Chromecast(2015 video version)!


My Spotify app version: (swedish).

Marked as solution

Same here, with the latest Spotify App it is working finally.

After a Spotify Update it's working with Android 5.1.1 and Chromecast.
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