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Problem with randomly muting on my galaxy s3

Problem with randomly muting on my galaxy s3

Hi. Im having some problems with my galaxy s3 as spotify just randomly mutes songs, can happen right in the middle of songs or the beginning. tried reinstalling spotify, my whole phone etc, still the same problem. if i switch to a new song it starts playing again. 


anyone got any suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. thanks 

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Hello, when it happens does Spotify mute the whole song or just a bit of it and then starts playing again?
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it can mute part of the song, i.e it can happen in the middle of a song. but it doesnt start playing again before i pick up the phone and select another song.

sounds like someone else is using your account. Change your password 🙂

Hehe, nah, its not that. as I wrote earlier the song still plays in the app, just no sound. havent had the problem in a while tho, so it was probably just an app-bug.  Thanks anyway


Couple of things you could try here.

* Turn off Gapless Playback and Crossfade tracks
* Also try streaming at a different quality - This might stop the muting too.
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What kind of headphones or headset do you use? i'm asking because i had the same problem with my S3 today. But my solution was to change the batteries on my Beats by dre studio headphones. I didn't have any problems later on 🙂

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