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Problems since downgrading to free

Problems since downgrading to free

Since downgrading from premium several of my playlists were shortened

. On my favorite playlist this happens to be 20 of the most recent songs added. The app also allows 3 of my stations to be played in order, with shuffle not being an option at all. I can pick any song I want on them and change the song as much as I want without it being considered a skip. The problem is that I want the shuffle feature, and one of the playlists happens to be the one they cut a bunch of songs from. 






Moto Z2

Operating System

Android 8



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On this playlist I can pick whatever song I want to listen to, but they play in order after that. The sort feature has no affect


Notice the lack of the shuffle icon next to these playlists. These ones are affected just the same as the one above


Just for further reference. I have the most current version of the Spotify app from the play store. I have uninstalled it once already, and have tested with different internet connections.

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