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Problems with Android bluetooth streaming to BMW - resolved

Problems with Android bluetooth streaming to BMW - resolved

Hi all,

First post here - short and simple - my Android phone (Sony Xperia) recently upgraded to Android 9.0 and (coincidentally?) the Bluetooth audio streaming to my BMW stopped working correctly - in fact the phone would need to be restarted each time I got into the car in order for audio to begin playing. All other audio apps were playing in the car just fine. Tried setting AVCRP to v1.3 and restarting (developer settings) - phone still needed a reboot each time I turned the car on.


To resolve, I have reverted my Spotify version to 8.4.49 by downloading an older APK - everything is now perfect once more and track information is shown on the car's display.


Spotify team - please put this right! It has caused me some weeks of hassle trying to get back the feature (I am an active subscriber), and restarting the phone while driving is not something that can be recommended as entering your device PIN on the move could be dangerous.





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