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Problems with SD memory and saving songs

Problems with SD memory and saving songs


I get premium a few days ago, and I decided to download music to my phone. I have a phone BQ Aquarius with the last version of Android, as I have the last version of Spotify.

I bought a SD memory card of 16Gb for my phone, because I had the internal memory full. I wanted to save the downloaded songs of spotify in this SD memory card, because right now I cannot download them in the internal memory, but there is no way for that. I read a post before about how to save songs in the SD card ( this post ) BUT I cannot find the Storage carpet in my Spotify, so I can't change it. I read that Storage carpet is only available if you have an accesible SD card, but I thought I had. Anyone knows how to solve this problem? Thank you so much.


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Hello @blablablanton and welcome to Spotify Community!


Can you please let me know the exact android version you have, so I can help you?

Thank you! 

It is 6.0.1 version of Android 🙂

If you formatted the SD card as interal storage, the SD card option doesn't appear as you don't have an external SD card but more internal storage. There is more information in this post.

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