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Problems with local songs


Problems with local songs

Put a local song into my spotify playlist (.mp3 file) but afterwards renamed the file. Now in spotify I have an empty song and when I go to remove it I am presented with no options. To try remove this I cleared all spotify data and now return and find that all my local songs are still in spotify but are now empty. It's not causing any issues but is quite ugly and I would like to remove them, is there any way to do this?


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Can you delete the playlist using the desktop client then start again?

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You should be able to remove it using the desktop client.

I'm using linux, the local songs are not visible in my playlist

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Can you delete the playlist using the desktop client then start again?

it's over 200 songs 😞

If these are all in one playlist, deleting the one playlist should fix this or am I missing something?

If I delete the playlist, It will take a long time to rebuild the playlist. I'll just ignore the blank song shells

You're going to have to delete the playlist . If it works rember to accept as solution .

Well, It didn't really solve it as I'm not gonna write down 230 songs and then search them back off of spotify into a new playlist

I just had a thought. If the local files don't appear in your desktop client playlist, as you said above, then copy all the tracks and paste them into a new empty playlist. You can then safely delete the original playlist.

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