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Push notification every few seconds (about my friend's activity)

Push notification every few seconds (about my friend's activity)





Xiaomi Mi 10T pro

Operating System

Androdi 11

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I have updated my Spotify app earlier on today and ever since then I am getting extremely annoying Spotify push notifications (I also attached two screenshots):


"Your friend [name] is listeing to [device]. Tap to listen and control music together"


1. I have no friends on Spotify (nor do I have my Facebook or any other app connected, I only have my Google assistant connected) nor have I ever connected to anybody elses device but my own (headphones and a xiaomi speaker)

2. All of the social functions are disabled - Device broadcast status, Autoplay on this/other devices, everything is disabled.

3. I am living in a dorm and there are many devices that are showing up but I have never got a notifications like this every few seconds when using Spotify.

4. I really have no idea who those people are either.

5. I have cleared cashe, logged out, nothing helps


It's been going on for the entire day and it's extremely annoying. Firstly there were two users but now it's only one. I get push notification every few seconds, repeatedly and it's slowly driving me crazy.


Any help on how to stop this would be much appreciated. Thank in advance!




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Fact is, I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but the pop-ups about other people listening on my Wi-Fi have only increased.
I formally am giving up hope on you guys ever simply making this feature an option. As in: You can turn it on, or you can turn it off. You guys clearly are not connecting customer service to your tech department. It's Preposterous that this continues to be a problem for over a year now. Shame on you, and shame on your ineptitude. YouTube music here I come

What a joke. It's worse than ever. Rapidly losing faith in your programmers... why tf can it not be an option to turn on or off? Like literally every other setting on every other app? For a feature that sucks anyway,  this sure is a long forum with nothing achieved 🤔

It's a big privacy issue, if you go to the gym, everyone can see what you are listening... even join you without permition. 

Keep getting random notifications that say "so and so is listening to something click to join their session" is there a way to turn this setting off??

Hi. Can you tell us where in the privacy agreement we allowed Spotify to advertise what we are listening to and violate our privacy? Also if this stuff doesn't stop happening I'll probably make my name on spotify something seriously offensive then everytime someones shared listening comes on my device change their music to the most offensive stuff I can find. Eventually there will be enough complaints and cancellations and spotify will get the message.


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