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Put mixtapes on Spotify


Put mixtapes on Spotify



Many of the beats that i'm seeking for aren't there because they have been released on mixtapes. Why Spotify don't put mixtapes on their network? Artists can get revenu from it even if at the start it's free stuff and users can make real playlists. I think everyone would win. Spotify will diversify their offer so will win from that, artists would make money with this and users would be able to get a more complete selection of beats. Especially with rap artists, a lot of very good beats are release on mixtapes


Am I right?




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Read this - it explains everything.

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Read this - it explains everything.


There are actually mixtapes on spotify. Most artists have their songs uploaded on there already. Some of them go by their instagram names or similar names to their own. For example, Drake has his mixtapes under the name of Champagne Pa and Chris Brown has his under C. Breezy. Have a look and you might be able to find some!!

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