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Qndroid App is slow and unresponsive

Qndroid App is slow and unresponsive

The android app is really slow. Changing artists and songs takes forever. Sometimes spotify is unresponsive. It also keeps saying that i'm offline while the wifi works perfect.

Can you please resove these issues with an update or new version of the app.

3 Replies

I have been having this problem for months. I've been in contact with tech support throughout that time and they have never been able to solve it.


They say it has something to do with my phone, perhaps. I'm curious, what phone are you using?


I have Galaxy S3.

Mine has become slow and unresponsive since last update. Z5 Compact, Lollipop 5.1.1. Connect is particularly PITA, I managed to get two online devices to play different songs while in Connect mode, and then they both abruptly stopped playing.

Exactly same phone as Navaira above same andriod. Same problems. App is slow glitchy and generally cr@p. Also skips alot when connected to Bluetooth headphones (downloaded playlists too). Just updated again today. The problems persist. Will be cancelling subscription if not better in 30 days.

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