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Why is it when I change to another song (on the android) it kicks me out of spotify or it stays stuck at the end of the song and doesn't  keep on playing to the next? It has done that since I've had premium. Just wondering if they're ever gonna fix that kink.  

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Seeing as we asked all these in your previous thread and were ignored I don't hold out much hope, but here goes ...

@David wrote:

The information here we have is a little vague. Could you tell us the following - 
- The Phone you are trying to use
- The Operating System on the phone (Check your [system] settings menu)
- Are you getting any specific error messages at all? How about error codes?

Also if you are running a specific ROM, might be useful and what exactly you mean by 'change to another song', because for me and many others, pressing the 'next' button, or manually selecting a new song works fine.


At least now we know which version of the app you are running - the preview release ... unless you reverted to the market version?



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So deleted the new android app and starting a new spotify (the original one), which made it go back to Premium. So I fixed it.  


I'll just live with the other problem.  

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