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Queue can't be seen or edited

Queue can't be seen or edited






Samsung Galaxy S20+


Operating System

Android 10


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Very weirdly, since moving from an S9+ to an S20+, the queue option has greyed out. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, a clean uninstall and deletion of data and cache (including all the downloads I had made) and a reinstall, but still nothing.


The queue is still there, I can add to it. I can hop on a laptop and see it and delete it and edit it. I simply can't look at it or edit on my phone.


Having just about decided to abandon Napster in favour of Spotify, this is pushing me back the other way. The queue feature is inadequate by comparison anyway (e.g. you can't stitch playlists or save the queue as a playlist) and now it is simply maddening.


Any advice appreciated.

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