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Queue on Android

Queue on Android

Hi everyone!


When using the Spotify app on my Android, if I go to add a new album to the queue, the new album starts from the next track, and then once the newly added album's finished, it carries on playing the original album in the queue.


Is there a way around this?  Am I just being stupid? 



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This is expected behaviour. If you just want to play the new album, play it and the tracks on it will replace the play queue. If you could explain exactly what you want to achieve, I'll try to find a solution.

Thanks for replying Joe!


Basically, a lot of the time I use Spotify is on long journeys to work, or at home when doing other stuff.


So, i want to put on an album then add other albums to play after that one's done, so that I can just have it playing for ages and don't have to keep queueing up new albums each time one's finished. 


But, say I start playing Spirit Of The Beehive (as in Screenshot_20170413-120842), then I want to queue up PC Worship (as in Screenshot_20170413-121728) to play after Spirit Of The Beehive has finished, the rest of the Spirit of The Beehive album actually gets pushed to the end of the queue to be played after the PC Worship album's finished (as in Screenshot_20170413-121738).


I know you can move the tracks in the queue around but it's pretty annoying to have to move tracks 1 by 1, when adding an album to the queue could just put it at the end of the queue, which would make much more sense anyway.


Am I doing anything wrong, or is that just how it is?  And does anyone else care, or is it just me that this bothers and I should just get over myself?


Thanks for explaining. I understand your frustration and agree with you that this is far from ideal. It never used to work like this and I suspect they broke something in the change from "up next" back to "add to queue".


There are two options for getting this fixed - start a new thread in the bugs section or use the online contact form for direct support. If you get an automated response directing you back to the community or to the help pages, please reply to it by email and you will hear back from one of the team shortly.


If you start a new bug topic, please post a link here and I'll add my support. Otherwise, I'll be interested to hear Spotify's response. Thanks for bringing this up 🙂

Nice one, thanks Joe, super helpful!  Will start a bug topic.

Thanks @km78 - I added a comment there.

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