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My spotify just won't play music at all on my HTC REZOUND. I have premium. justinreed360 is my username.
14 Replies

Can you explain more?


Are you able to login normally? Do you tried already a full-reinstall of Spotify?

Yes I can log in and everything. I play the track I can see time elapse, but no sound. I tried reinstalling it twice now..

Do you have a sound problems in HTC own music player? Or is this problem just in Spotify?


Also do you have sound on? Does timebar going or just sitting in 0:00?


What internet connection? If Offline mode, du you have those tracks downloaded first with wifi or 3G?

I have sound in my native player its just spotify. The timebar is going no sound though. I had everything downloaded for offline mode but after reinstalling it I lost all my downloaded tracks. I have used both WiFi and 3g no sound.

Do you know what's goin on?

That's odd!


Are there any other with this problem? I think you should contact to Spotify if clean re-install does not work.


However can you please try to install this old app if this works?


Then when it works, just update to new one, do not remove old app then, just update over.

What is this file? What do you mean by clean reinstall? I mean I uninstalled it is there something more I should do?

This is a old Android app before those new things from start to end. As usually, when Spotify update something, there is new bugs sitting. So I suggest to delete this new app you use and download this old one. If this works fine, just update over without delete this app in link to new one from Google Play. If this stop working with new app, you can confirm that problem is in new app and you can continue to use old app.

Yeah the old one works now.. thanks gonna try and update n see what happens.

Don't work when I update. So weird cause my girlfriend has the exact same phone and hers works perfectly fine. Mine has worked perfect until yesterday don't get it at all.

Next step should be a re-install of Android OS, there may be some problems in settings with your phone. Or you can use a old app, but with new you may need a hard reset in your phone.

There should be no need to reinstall the OS!!!

First up, have you tried restarting your phone between installing spotify and running it? Believe it or not that solves this sometimes

Next try following the instructions in PerBonomi's stick thread at the top of this forum and see how you get on
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I tried restarting it didn't work

Thanks I got it to work. Seems after I restarted it right after the download it worked.

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