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Radio autoplay when playlists end


Radio autoplay when playlists end

For the past few days, whenever I get to the end of a playlist or album, instead of simply ending, it will begin playing a radio station based of the playlist I just listened to. Is this a glitch or a new feature, and either way how do I get it to stop? I make playlists in order to have a specific set of songs, the exact opposite reason one listens to radio, which is a random and new set of songs.
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Had the same problem, so annoying! Go to settings>playback and turn off "autoplay"

When my playlist ends the playlist radio starts how can I stop that?

Does this happen on specific playlists or all of them?



I have Spotify playlists set up that have my favorite songs on them, and I experience no problem with these at all. However, when I try searching a song and then playing it from the search tab on Spotify mobile, one of two things will happen:

1. The song I selected will play, but after that song, it will default to song radio (even if the song is a top result and loop is on, which prior to this error would just make the song play over and over again)

OR, more commonly,

2. I will go to select the song I want to play, but that song won't play - Spotify will automatically begin the song radio for that particular song. Once again this issue occurs even if the song I search for is the "top result." If I press the song itself 3-4 times, it will eventually start playing. But after it ends, problem 1 occurs afterwards.




A new function called AutoPlay can be turned off in settings. Check if it solves the first problem.

For the second problem I'm unsure, but check if it changes when you turn off AutoPlay.

Thank you SO much for solving this. I hated it, for the reasons stated--I play an album or a playlist for a mood, not to launch what Spotify thinks I want to hear. Fixed, so thank you!!! (PS--I'm on a Motrola Moto G4, and it worked for me.)

Thanks a ton, everyone! I hated when I would be listening to an album and then some random song comes on at the end. Obviously I wasn't trying to listen to randos...

Looks like this was a new "Autoplay" feature added. Turn it off in the settings  by going to Settings > Playback > Autoplay

Thank you for the step by step instructions! For me, the problem just started a day or two ago, and was driving me nuts because I often listen to Spotify as I'm falling asleep. Switching to radio not only wasted energy, it sometimes woke me up in the middle of the night. Thanks again for the instructions!

I'm having this same problem, but it's not just with playlists. If I play an entire album, after the album ends it starts a radio station based on the album. I do not want this to happen, it just means I'm listening to a lot of radio that I didn't ask to listen to, and in some cases wondering why the album is so long and sounds different all of a sudden.

I am also having this problem on my iPhone for the last few days.  I don't want this to happen.  I want my music to stop at the end of my playlist.  What can I do to correct this?

I want this featured to be removed. Cause even when I have the repeat symbol on, so the playlist can start all over, the radio still kicks in. Who thought forcing radio based on a playlist without asking was a great idea? If I wanted to really listen to the radio, then I will do so on my own.

(IPhone 7+)



This was annoying me, this option should also be on the desktop version. I also found the EQ there also!

Guys, I decided to explore a bit on the settings of Spotify. When you go to Playback, a new setting called "AutoPlay" is at the bottom of the list. Make sure to turn it off. Don't know why they would have that on for.

🙂 it's solved BUT would still like the feature to be turned off since not many people go through settings.

Thank you!!! Not sure why it turned on on its own with no explanation of how to turn it off. Easy to turn off, once you know exactly what menu to find it in.

You are very welcome! 🙂 I totally agree

Thank you for finding this.  I looked in settings, but didn't notice that feature before you wrote this post.  Correcting the problem was simple once you know what to do.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I listen to a regular playlist at night and it was playing all night long because of the made suggestions when the playlist I'd made had finished. 😁😁 PROBLEM SOLVED!!

This ridiculous feature that is on by *default* had my 7 year old listening to offensive rap music instead of her bed time instrumental stuff. Furious right now. Blown away that a feature like this makes it out when you're recommendation system is as bad as it is!

Hi all.

I have the latest android app with a premium sub, and lately it's taken to playing random tracks from 'artist radio' when a saved album finishes playing. This is almost never what I want to happen.

Is there a way to turn it off? There doesn't seem to be anything in 'settings'.

Thanks in advance.

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