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Radio autoplay when playlists end


Radio autoplay when playlists end

For the past few days, whenever I get to the end of a playlist or album, instead of simply ending, it will begin playing a radio station based of the playlist I just listened to. Is this a glitch or a new feature, and either way how do I get it to stop? I make playlists in order to have a specific set of songs, the exact opposite reason one listens to radio, which is a random and new set of songs.
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Yes I do but I want of course to choose that myself. Spotify already have daily mix, suggestions at the end of each playlist, discover, a ranking based on what other people like. We do not need another way thrown in our face.

Each to their own I suppose. If it introduces me to new stuff it can't be a bad thing. I've only just found it and already added 4/5 tunes I hadn't heard before

I don't think it's the worst feature to have, but they could have educated me about it when it was enabled. Took me by surprise after I finish playing a single and music starts right up. It's a cool concept to engage listeners with new music. The implementation of it could have been improved.

I find new music when listening to Discover Weekly/Daily Mix/Artist Radio etc.

Then just start your playlist over. It's like getting annoyed by getting a spare pair of laces with new trainers. Yeah I'll probably never use them, but they're there if I want to

Don't forget folk who listen to a playlist they created to help them sleep or folk who enjoy audiobooks - I'm sure they don't want to hear anything else when their playlist ends. Anyhow, we know this feature can be turned off so there's no point arguing over its merits.

Everytime I listening to a playlist and it ends Spotify automatically starts the radio and plays new songs.
It's a nice feature but I don't have a mobile internet contract and when I don't notice it, it uses a lot of data.
Question: how do I turn this off?
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Hi @Gehren, welcome to the Spotify Community!


In your mobile app, go to Settings - Playback - and disable Autoplay.


Voilà 🙂



BittencourtSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

You start a playlist because you want to play the songs in that playlist, from the first selected song to the end. When reaching the end, spotify shall stop, not start from the beginning of the playlist again as it already do sometimes, or start playing some random radio songs. Other behaviour is of course ok as people have different opinions, but changed behaviour shall be selectable by the user.

Hi @bosi


The playlist only starts playing again if the user enables the Repeat All button (the two arrows icon on the right of the Play icon).


About the Autoplay, you're right. But I guess that Spotify made this new feature enabled by default in the new app versions in order for the users to know it now exists. 


Anyway, let me know if you need any help!


BittencourtSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Well, needless to say, I do face the problem that a playlist starts from the beginning again without having this repeat-all function on. It happens now and then, possibly when I start in the middle of a playlist. Maybe spotify could implement a new feature where I can specify when I want to stop the music...preferably automatically enabled...

Autoplay seems to have disappeared in latest Desktop update?




Running on Mac


Any ideas?

Hi @headlikearock,


I've just updated mine to  --- and the Autoplay is there.


Could you please double check if your version is the latest one available to you?


BittencourtSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Definitely the latest, updated today. Autoplay no longer visible in the Preferences screen.

I have the same version as you @headlikearock and when I went into edit/preferences the autoplay option was missing but when I opened preferences by clicking the "v" in the top right (to the right of my user name) it was there and now appears whichever way I open preferences.


Probably another little bug.

Same here... I have version and autoplay option is missing.

Nope that didn't work, not on that menu either....

I have not updated beyond 10.0.2 because of battery drain problems with the updates, but apparently I cannot turn off radio autoplay because that option does not appear anywhere in settings. There is no settings/autoplay nor settlings/music/autoplay on my iphone 5S nor on my wifes iphone 6.


that feature does not appear on my iphone; neither under settings/autoplay nor settings/music/autoplay. I am using ios 10.0.2 on my iphone 5S and my wife's iphone 6.

The iOS section of the community is here @justbob.

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