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Random song playing not part of playlist

Random song playing not part of playlist






Samsung Galaxy A50

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Android 11


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When Im listening to my playlist, which have two podcast episodes in, on my phone, then Spotify just suddenly plays a random song that isnt part of it. The autoplay feature is off, and it is only happening on my phone and part of my playlist. If I use desktop app/program or using Spotify via browers, then it doesnt do it

I cant figure out if it is a kind of ad song, as Im using Spotify free. But if I go to the said podcast and listening to an episode there on my phone, then it wont just add a random song. It goes straight to the next episode that they had made or are able. The problem is only a part of the playlist and it is only on my phone. A bit unhandy in case Im driving and want to get on with the next podcast episode in that playlist

I hope someone can help me figure this out. If possible, I would advoid going to need to pay, as the podcasts are free before hand and I find it abit annoying to pay for Spotify when I primarily only using it to listen to podcasts

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Hi there @Danspy501st!


On mobile, if your playlist has less than 15 items in it, the app would automatically add similar content to it to extend its duration. This is done so that the same songs/episodes aren't repeated too often.


The additions from Spotify will appear under the We added section, and would vanish once you add more than 15 songs/episodes in the playlist.




Hope this clears things up. Cheers!

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I would like to kindly ask Spotify to stop messing with the lists I've created. 

I spent weeks putting together the playlists of what I want to listen to. 


And i shouldn't have to waste ANY of my free skips because you want me to listen to something you choose, idk if it's someone you sponsored or what but STOP! 

When I select to play one of my playlists, it should only play what I've hearted/liked or added to the list. 


And just because I have previously searched and listened to something not on the list, that someone else probably suggested to me ... DO NOT add it to my Playlist for future listening unless I specifically heart/like or somehow add it to the list.


When these songs come up I have no way to remove it from the list or stop future autoplays. And have to waste a skip! 


Premium or not shouldn't matter! 


At the very minimum recommended music and auto-re-play of something previously listened to should be an on/off toggle.




Please and thank you! 

Mine has over 15 songs and still happens 

Hey @patt11,


Make sure that your Smart Shuffle setting is disabled to avoid getting song recommendations in your playlist.
It looks like the regular Shuffle option but it has a sparkle next to it:

Hope this helps! In case the issue persists even with Smart Shuffle off, do let us know 🙂  

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