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Random sound issue with Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Random sound issue with Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Hi there,


Receltly I bought a Samsung galaxy tab 8.9 (running android 3.2), and installed Spotify on it.

For unknown reason, sometimes, the sound just stops working. The song continue to play, but spotify acts as muted.

When going to other sound functions (youtube, mp3 player, ...) I can hear the sound, but spotify stays muted.


I have to leave the tablet alone for 2-3 minutes, and then, the sound is back ... That's very annoying to have such an issue.


Is there any fix for this?


For info, no, the sound of the tablet is not on mute, yes, the volume is at an audible level, yes the tablet battery is full, and so ...


Thanks for help.

6 Replies

Today, I noticed the same problem with my HTC Desire under android 2.2


When the problem occurs, the spotify just mute, and only a force application stop can help.


Any Idea? Is this a known bug as it seems to be present on multiple versions ...

One other thing I can do for helping is saying that it only occurs when listening to streaming music. When I listen to downloaded music directly, the problem never occurs. 


Recently I had multiple times the same problem on my computer itself, saying error 802. Maybe it's linked?


Finally, I would say that if the problem persists, I won't pay 10€ per month for that service, as I think it's unacceptable to have such random bugs like that ... Especially when I see that nobody official seems to care of that problem, that, I'm sure, doesn't only affect me ...

This happens to me too.  I am on a Galaxy S III stock.  Very annoying.  Progress bar continues to move, but hear absolultely nothing.  Pause/Unpause resolves it.  Please fix, Spotify.

For Spotify Staff:


As you don't seems to care a lot about this problem, be aware that your servers are in fault.

Today, as the problem occured again and again, I took the time to analyze the network with Wireshark, and, unless the server is not yours (, it sends back corrupted HTTP and TCP packets, with a wrong checksum, that, I assume, are dropped by the client app and leads to the connection problems.


Please take action now ... 

Hello there.


Could I ask a little more information about this at all? Could you tell me what kind of speeds you get when you are connected to to the internet on your devices? Have you tried this on a different Wi-Fi network, or on 3G (where possible)? 

Airhorn Enthusiast

On the computer, on a wired LAN (100Mbps) with a 4Mps up/down guaranteed connection (professional one),

With the tablet, on a Wifi (strong signal) with a 30Mbps connection behind,

On my cellphone, on both Wifi (mainly the same as the tablet) and HSDPA connections (Proximus one),


As this issue is very hard to reproduce from itself, I havent tested that very deep. But I can say that it already occured multiple times on each network listed above.

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