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Too big screen for Android Spotify?


Too big screen for Android Spotify?



I'm new to this Android new app for Spotify. I have Android 2.3.6 and Motorola RAZR MAXX with 4.3 screen. However in every picture on internet I see Spotify like this - very sweet.



Picture from Google.


However I see in my phone after Settings white area to the bottom. What's this? I try to take picture today. However can you please explain me why I not see the whole area in black? Motorola is released 4.0 Android and hopefully I receive it soon. I think that maybe I see app like in picture when I update to 4.0?


Anyone with this problem? Tried already re-installing and no help.


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Hey folks!!!


Received a ICS 4.0.4 update and Spotify looks cool like from start to end, so no problems described before.

I laaaaaaaaav Spooootifyyy!


Thank you all!

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I have a galaxy s2 and I don't think I get it. I'll tell you on the 4th September though 🙂

So how I fix those. 😞


Picture 1:




Picture 2:




Picture 3:




See first picture on thread, no this problem. 😞

The first picture is because you don't have enough 'lists to go down that far.

The other one - hmmm.

Why I need more playlists? It should go to bottom with background color?

If you had root you could try some DPI changer apps to see if that makes a difference?

Root it, change density, erase data using recovery, see if that works.

I do not want to root just to make a Spotify work, sorry. 😞


Anyone with this problem, how solved?

Oh well - I don't think it can be solved (it could be an app bug :()

Anyone use this app on 4.3 or bigger screen? And this problem?


Edit: Good idea. All pictures in Google seems to be with Preview app. So I go and download it and test if that works better. Then I see if problem in new version or not...


Same problem. I think it related to OS. I do not received a 4.0 Android, but it's coming. So need to wait. 🙂


I think Spotify is designed to 4.0 Android and this is reason why this does not look so good at 2.3.6 Android.

My S2 has a 4.5x (dunno what the x is), and I don't notice this.

I think it's either your phone, or your density.

I'm using the Spotify Android app on a HTC One X with a 4.7" screen, but I'm not having the problem that your pictures show.

Hey SteveBrammer!


Do you have 4.0 or 2.3.6 Android?


Where you think my problem is?

I'm running Android 4.0.3 (stock, not rooted).


Sorry, don't know what the problem is. I recommend doing some searching with google to see if anyone else has seen the same problem on a RAZR with Spotify or any other applications.

I'm running 4.1.1 (CM10, Rooted). It could be a gingerbread issue then - but, yeah. Check google 🙂

Thank you all. I think too, so I wait Motorola's update. The same "problem" in Google's settings when just some things in page, rest of page is this Gingerbread "background" instead of white. I heared, some are received in Finland 4.0 to RAZR MAXX, so I think I receive too soon. 🙂

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note with 5.3" screen and Android 4.0.4. Never had any problems. I didn't have any problems with it in 2.3.6 .

Think it doesn't sweem to understand the whole screen size. Searched any tools from the market to see if they can stretch it?

Other apps show in full screen?

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Yes. At least app show in full screen and YouTube etc.

Similar here - One X with 4.8 screen and nexus 7 with 7.0 screen and no issue.

Does the issue actually stop you from being able to use the app?
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No, but I would like to use Spotify like it is advertised - in sweet look. 🙂


The phone is new, so I do not think there is a need to hard reset it.

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