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Recommendations don't change any more

Recommendations don't change any more







Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System

Android Oreo



 In December 2018 , I listened to"Weekend Man" by Royal Republic (


Shortly after that, my recommendations on my the start page of the app were updated and showed me more music similar to Weekend Man.


Normally before then, the recommendations updated quite often, depending on the music that I listened to recently.


But since December, they don't change any more. Now, is February, and I listened to lots of different music in the meantime. But on the start page, I won't stop seeing music similar to Weekend Man. See attached screenshot.


Any one else having this problem? I find it quite annoying because I have often used that feature to get inspiration on what I could listen to.


Of course, I already tried deleting the app's cache and the whole data, logged in again but I still see the same recommendations.

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Matt, you're not the only one. I was just wondering about it for a last few days - my Discover recommendations (and Daily Mixes) were also not updated for more than a month now. 


I tried contacting their support service on Twitter - well, I doubt they even understood what I'm talking about. Anyway, from this link it seems like they're aware of the bug and I hope they're REALLY working on fixing this.



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