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Release Notes - Spotify for Android (3.0)

Release Notes - Spotify for Android (3.0)



What's new in this version (3.0)


    • New: The main player and mini player have a shiny new look.
    • New: You can now swipe to change tracks in the mini player.
    • Fictitious: This app contains only artificial additives.
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The shiny new look is a black screen with a green wheel that whirls endlessly.


We don't want this,


We want.


1. No more non-responsive nonsense.

2. Playback continuous, not stop-start.

3. Option to disable spotify connect.

4. Quick load menu of pre-downloaded playlists and ability to open and play them without a fuss.

5., Ability to open your settings and go offline or back online without a fuss.

6. Ability to edit playlists by inserting tracks where we want them to go.


I don't know what the "mini-player" is. Possibly that widget that I sometimes see?


Fix the bugs first. Add features later. And then don't force them upon users who don't want them.


I agree with Earl 100%. As much as we all appreciate a pretty interface the app itself is still buggy. There are things that are necessary that need to be addressed before anything else. Your service is fantastic but your software is really lacking.

Also I have no idea what a mini player is.

Also fictitious: The main player is any different than it was in the previous build. You changed a color? big deal!

How about listening to the users and removing the Connect feature??

Have one big problem with Queue


When I listen to Spotify on PC and open app on Android -- then add songs to Queue on Android -- it seems like this

Spotify on Android


 But on PC all is ok!

Spotify on PC


Downlaoded 3.0 yesterday, and don't notice any change at all. Same color and design as the previous version. What am I missing?

I'm getting the endless loading green wheel. I don't understand why every update **bleep**s on everything. Some of us are paying for this service and we're not paying to not being able to use the service. This needs to be solved ASAP



Apparebtly I'm not having the problems the people above me has. But the only new features I've got is the miniplayer possibility of changing the song by swapping it. And, btw, the miniplayer is the bar below un the screen that tells you whats song is reproducing.

BUT, there are absolutely no changes in the main player. I've seen some post in some update blogs how it should look: just like the IOS updated look, but it doesn't. And it doesn't for me as it doesn't for everyone I've asked, and they are updated.

Apart from that, I haven't got any problem yet.

My version is the

I'm also in Spain applied for being a beta tester of the upcoming "big new all update" (podcast, running feature, orignial content, etc). Maybe that has something to do with it?

I've got it now. I just went to Apk Mirror to dowload the latest version of Spotify, which there is the BETA.

This is how it was before the update:

This is how it looks now:

If you want to update the app, and my purpose is not to spam, is:

Thanks ekkoxv. You beat me to it. My app didn't update from the playstore but all the changes applied when I downloaded from apk mirror

Np, although true that the update is still in beta and it has some bugs or occasional slowdowns.

Does this erase all the previous downloaded music?

Well, it supposedly shouldn't but it did for me. So I just upgraded at the sleep time.

Earl is SPOT on, and in that order. I don't care about the colour just fix the non-responsive play back. Give me the opportunity to connect to Spotify via my own personal Internet connection. I hate that I am being forced to connect with my mobile data through the telco over priced data option.

Im not having that. There is absolutlety no issue either un the las 3.0.etc ver. As un the 3.1.etc. You might just want to update? Maybe?

Great app!!


I'm in love so much with this new hot design... Thanks developers... And have a nice day!

@lawraWeltreich wrote:

I'm getting the endless loading green wheel. I don't understand why every update **bleep**s on everything. Some of us are paying for this service and we're not paying to not being able to use the service. This needs to be solved ASAP



That's what mine commonly looks like too.


That it is putting the wheel there suggests it's trying to load your Recently Played list which isn't necessarily the case but in general isn't what I am that interested in anyway.


Firstly it shows artists of whom I listened to a single track not on a playlist on a totally different device. Secondly it does not show a playlist I have newly created or modified  but not yet listened to, even if I have downloaded it onto this device. And obviously it only holds space for about 5 and doesn't need to get any more than that at this point.


Ideally they'll give us a version of the app with profiling enabled and let us run it through one of these hangs and send them back the report and they'll see where it is spending so much time being non-responsive.



I ended up removing the SD card from my phone and reinstalling Spotify without it so it would use phone memory.


Now today it is running with no SD card and is very smooth.


I will try putting the SD card back for photos and videos I capture on the device only. That's what I need one for.


I haven't formatted the SD card and did transfer it from another device. If that doesn't work there's something horribly wrong with SD cards which are supposed to be portable from one device to another.


So the only way to get the new design that is promised in the changelog is to install a beta version from an external source. Yep, that sounds like Spotify.  

After the latest update my headphone/watch controls no longer work (in fact it doesn't appear on watch anymore) and I can't dismiss the notification player without forcing the app to stop.



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