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Remove Like/Dislike buttons from lock screen / Option for Shuffle/Repeat instead

Remove Like/Dislike buttons from lock screen / Option for Shuffle/Repeat instead

I'm a long time premium user, and living overseas half of the time per year I have issues with updating from Playstore for my Android device, so I get away with apk downloads from online. (I know, I know, but what can I do.).
I only tend to update my apps here and there as I don't like to change them if things work out the way I like, and Spotify has become number 1 reason for this!
Each time I update it, something marginal changes. I can't understand why in 3 years, I've had the Like/Dislike buttons appear and disappear from "Discover weekly" and "Release radar" playlists, which are kinda what I listen to half of the time, since your suggestions work so good that I'm mostly happy with what I get there. I've seen this switching between Shuffle/Repeat and Like/Dislike. To make it worse, but theres already a post for that, the Thumbs and Heart like/dislike icons are inversely located on different playlists/radios.   ??

The big issue is having this buttons visible everywhere, as it brings issues:
Many many times it happens that I dislike a song that I didn't want to dislike. I know I can undo that action now in the List view of the playlists (at least that!), but it's a hustle when I don't realize this happened.
It's even more annoying in Car view, as the buttons appear in the middle of the screen and are HUGE!
Now to the main, showstopper issue:
They have absolutely nothing to do on the lock screen! Please! At least remove them from the lock screen notification widget because it just doesn't belong there. Anyone that picks up my phone, can't do anything on it as it's locked, but hey, you can dislike every single song that pops up on my spotify. Absolute nonsense.
I think you'd just make everyone so much happier if you'd just add settings option to switch like/dislike functionality and keep Shuffle/Repeat instead for users that want that.
I can't say anything but that it's superfrustrating that after listening to some artist, going in "Shuffle play" (which is cool), and switching back to some Radio or premade playlists, I first need to open my own playlist to turn off Shuffle mode, since I can't do it anywhere else once I play premade playlists or Radios. Why?

I'd be really happy if someone would at least consider the logical view behind my points.

Disclaimer: I'm a lead software developer in a company that makes software for millions of people, so I do deal with such issues and questions on a daily basis, and I'm just amazed at how this has not been dealt with on a platform as big as yours.

Side note: I haven't seen a webpage that had so hidden "Post/Report" workflow as this one. Took me several minutes and hundread clicks to figure out a way how to make this post.  Made me feel dumb for a minute... -.-

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Hello @mawy,


Thanks for getting in touch!


We're always looking to improve the app. If you'd like to see features that aren't yet implemented, we recommend visiting the Ideas Exchange. It's where people can leave feedback and have other users vote for the idea. Here's a link to the Ideas Exchange.


Thanks again for your feedback. Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

Yeah, thanks for a reply, but let's be honest. These generic replies that everyone learned from Microsoft are anything but praised and thanked for by every end user ever.

Given the fact we're premium users that pay for a subscribtion to deliver promised features and optimum user experience, this is / should be treated as a bug and not a feature request.

Getting changes with updates that break functinality that used to work is a bug.

I'm a lead software developer for a company where we develop software used by millions of people all over the world. To top it up, its a casino software (not online, but terminal software) so you could (or not, as you wish) take my feedback as granted by someone knowing what the most basic end users do and what they don't like, appreciate and find useful on GUI.

Disliking a song from a lock screen when wanting to change one is not a feature. It's bad UX design choice.

Not being able to turn shuffle (which is premium only option bdw, and as someone that paid for it, I got promised to be able to control it's state) on or off, and change repeat state from premade playlists, and a need to switch to another playlist just to change the two, then manually returning to the premade playlists is also not a feature, but very bad UX design choice.

At least give users a choice of turning those like/dislikes off. Im superhappy with what Spofity engine gives on my DiscoverWeekly and ReleaseRadar playlists, and I end up listening to just that pretty much most of the time for over 3 years now.
Those like/dislikes are ruining my experience. Not just by being present there as much as changing from update to update randomly.

I hope this is any clearer now,






I'm with you man. I randomly lose songs because the phone decided to turn on the screen while in my pocket and then my leg hits the heart. 


It's just annoying and unnecessary. 

Hi, I campletely disagree, found this thread looking why dislike action changed on the lock screen widget to like 🙂 Saves me a lot of time to have it there.

I find it extremely useful to have the like/dislike on the lock screen. I work on construction (so I am wearing gloves all the time and can't use the fingerprint to unlock) and I am listening to spotify so when a new song I like pops up I would like to be able to just pull my phone, like it / save it, and keep working. Now I have to take out the gloves / pattern-unlock, like it and then put the phone away. It's very inconvenient... I understand the privacy issue (others editing your likes while the phone is locked) and avoiding accidental likes / un-likes but for me (and others obviously) it is very useful. Isn't there an option to customise the lock-screen spotify buttons?


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