Repeat Issue


Repeat Issue


Alright so I've been looking through old posts, but I'm still having a serious issue with repeating a song on Spotify, both my Galaxy S10e and my MacBook Air.


I've tried it all- clicking the repeat button once, and then twice so it has the little number one, but it still does not work. If I click it to where it says the little one, and then I go to the next song, you would think that it would repeat, but no. It doesn't. It goes to the next song, and gets rid of the small one. It does not repeat at all. I thought it was just an Android issue, but on my Mac computer it is also not working. 


Someone please help. It's pissing me off a bit!

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Re: Repeat Issue


Hey @ghw.


Thanks for posting about this in the Community.


You have to wait for the song to finish in order for it to repeat - clicking next will skip to the next song (this is expected behaviour).


Hope that clears things up! Take care 🙂

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