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Restarted phone, offline mode, unable to login.

Restarted phone, offline mode, unable to login.

Phone updated, restarted and trying to launch spotify app.  On login, get " You are currently set to offline.  Please go online to connect."


Any way to change the online/offline setting without loging in?  Do I now lose all my downloaded content?  Seems rediculous there is no way to get to settings in the main login, turing on online since they ask me to.

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Hi @t1ttyburgerz!


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Sometimes, Android updates might modify the cache files on your device, and that might affect your downloaded tracks.


Best thing to try here, is a clean reinstall. This usually fixes most problems.


Let us know if you're able to use Spotify, after uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

I dont need a clean reinstall to fix my problem. I did that and had to
re-download all my music.

I tried it again after to see if it was my OS and it is a stupid glitch in
your app. I was in offline mode on spotify, restarted and it stayed
offline when I tried to sign in. Had to uninstall/reinstall the app again.

Create a login offline option.

I have the same concern. 

Same for me, if its not fixed soon I'm cancelling and going to Deezer or Amazon



Your answer did not fix our problem, nor did it answer.  Please read the problem before answering something else.  it wasnt a downloaded music issue, but  problem with spotify and App when signing in.  

No response from any other moderator.  Good support... not.

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