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Resume Audiobooks

Resume Audiobooks

I'd like to be able to pick up where I left off on my audiobooks. Is there a way to do that on the Android app?




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Also for the iOS version, please!


Nothing Changing??? Cant you show a mark with the played tracks?


no, still nothing has changed. I checked and you can´t mark a track as played or mark a spot where you coudl resume.

It cannot be that hard just to add a further option, can it be?

Anyone tried this app from Play?

spotify and audiobooks is like politics and trump.

not so good.

need fix to resume an audiobook without being my mobiles monkey.

Still not possible, isn´t it? 


Please, can you give us markers, or automatically jump to where we stopped listening to an audiobook? This would be sooo useful. 

The lack of

a) played marker

b) removal of played files from playlists

c) sleep timer


makes Spotify useless for audiobooks. Considering they pay royalties for audiobooks too, is surprising they're ok with wasting money on unusable content.


after 5 years of waiting for this addon, nothing has changed. There are so many comments and suggestions that this feature is really needed when you like to hear audiobook and music seperated! Why don`t you want to improve your program. In my opinion this kind of feature is essential for hearing audiobooks. I mean you already made something like this for podcasts.
I have really problems when i switched from my songs to my current audiobook with 700 files. How should I know where I was when i stopped, when I often cannot see the titlenumber of the current track because the title is that long...

I will post this on every comment I will find, with the hope you would read this. A lot of users have the dame problems, but the most don't use the spotify community (please just keep that in mind!).

Yeah it's ridiculous. Maybe just keeping the thread up with constant replies might help. And pointing out over and over that it's them wasting money on royalties for unusable audiobooks...

Hey Cummunity, hi Spotify,


I have to say, I am really confused and I am getting very angry. This is a must have, basic feature. In my oppinion it is already a shame, that people over years again and again wrote in this forum, that they want and need Bookmarks for Audiobooks and you responded that you appreciated the feedback and are looking into it. With your statement to the user murpsel (2 weeks ago) "We totally agree that being able to bookmark a specific time when listening to audio books or podcasts would be a great feature." it seems to me, that there are people working who just copy and paste old responses from 2015... There is already this "great" feature for Podcasts. But it seems that you forgot to code it also for Audiobooks...

Again, why do have paying people to remember you, that there is a big basic feature missing???


I don't want to ask you anymore. I like the Podcast feature, so why not making it available for Audiobook?


I really hope I am getting a response from a decision-making Spotify employee at least. I am also satisfied with the statement that this is already being worked on and will be introduced in the next update. But please a statement once (!)...


With regards,


No, you wont get any answer.. Thats not how companies in this size work..


But I too would love this feature, as I listen to audiobooks quite often. My workaround atm is to make a screenshot with the chapter number on it.. It does not help that the titles of the chapter are often quite long and I have to wait for the number to show up...


So far I havent found a real good audiobook player.. The best in my opinion is Spooks (for Android), but crashes every now and then...



I am very disappointed in that topic.

Deezer is for listening to music also and has a very nice audio book feature yet. Why isn't this possible for Spotify?

Anyone interested in this topic pls remember to keep it alive so it won't get archived. If the thread lasts long enough it might get a staff review and put on the agenda. ... Hopefully!...

A good audiobook player for Android is "Smart audiobook player". Been using it for years, never crashed. One of the few Apps I actually ended up buying.

But as far as I've seen the app has absolutely nothing to do with spotify audiobooks!

Sorry I misread your post. I understood you were looking for a general Android Audiobook player not one for Spotifys API. 

I would like to reanimate this issue ... 


There is a new App on Android called "Audiobook for Spotify" (from Niklas Rodemund). Its the best I've found so far.. It's still new and very basic, but he mentioned in the comments that he will continue to improve it.. It's already way better than the Spotify audiobook experience.

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