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Ridiculous amount of problems. Please help.

Ridiculous amount of problems. Please help.

The amount of problems I'm experiencing is insane, especially since the last major update.

1. 90% of the time, the search option doesn't work, on either 4G or Wifi. (Search for new music, not through my playlists.) I'll type something, wait 2 minutes, then get a "Try Again" option. (Which when clicked, does nothing. Yet another problem.) And my connection is never the problem, because I always test other apps whenever I have this problem and they all work perfectly.

2. Whenever I'm shuffling songs, and I search for a song to add to the queue, it will only play the song I search for, even after I exit the search, intending it to play the rest of my song library. It never did that before the last update.

3. About 15 minutes before writing this, I updated my PC Spotify app, and in doing so, I lost the entire content of "My Songs" on both the PC and the app. That's 2,985 songs, gone. Literally years of accumulation. What the hell. I've tried re-installing the PC app as well and still nothing. Yet my phone's last played is still up, saying its playing songs from My Songs, although all the songs that play have plus signs and not check marks. WHERE IS THE LOGIC.

4. Literally 5 minutes ago, again, I uninstalled the app from my phone to re-install and potentially re-gain my playlists (as this has worked for me before) and now the app WON'T EVEN OPEN.

5. What was the point of changing the layout on the app to a horizontal list of Playlists, Songs, Albums and Artists, instead of the (perfect) way it was, where you could swipe left and right between each option and see the contents of each in a list view? It's way LESS intuitive and way MORE annoying.

None of this crap is even CLOSE to being worth 10$ a month and I will definitely be putting my money elsewhere unless this gets fixed.
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Can you try a completely clean install following the troubleshooting guide linked in my signature?

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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