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Router does not support UPNP

Router does not support UPNP

Hello girls and guys,

i have a speedport router that does not support UPNP. that means i cannot sync my local music. Does it?!...




i had the same router for the last 2 years and in the first few month i used spotify IT SYNCED THE LOCAL FILES WITHOUT A PROBLEM. so what happened? my phone, pc, firewall and router did not change. one day all local tracks had vanished from my phone. i see the tracks in the playlists, but when i click at them it says "not available". the desktop-spotify does not show my cellphone in the "devices-menu", but my phone can control the "desktop-spotify" via spotify-connect (i think thats the name for the function). I think that means that the connection between pc and phone cannot be the problem and since i never had UPNP, how could it be a problem now? and why does the phone "see" AND "control" the pc-application, but the dektop-spotify does not "see" anything?


I would really appreciate some help!


Prof. Proton

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Are you on same wifi latest apps installed? Also try to attach your phone thru the USB cable.


Ou! Let me know howq this works!

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