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setting the download location for offline use

setting the download location for offline use

I had some issues with my phone and had to reset it to factory default. When I was downloading my spotify library I ran out of space on my sd card. It's a small card but my device has a huge storage. Before the reformat my device held all my songs in spotify but now spotify insists on using the tiny sd card and I cannot download the bulk of my albums. How to I change the download location from my sd card to my phone?
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Hey there - very warm welcome langois1972 to the community!


I'm glad you enjoy Spotify a lot with Premium features.


To install Spotify back on your phone, please disconnect your Micro-SD card. Then remove Spotify app. Now Install app again Micro-SD card still disconnected. After install log in and set settings etc. You should now have Spotify on your int memory. Please now you can install Micro-SD card back.


Hope this helps. Let me know if any other issues! Here to help 🙂



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