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SD Card reads/writes lock up the last two versions of Spotify

SD Card reads/writes lock up the last two versions of Spotify

Premium/LG v20/Nougat


I've got an issue of songs randomly not playing and locking up the program. This all started 2 updates ago. Also fails to refresh the listings of playlists (only shows song names not artist). 


Now I suspected its a faulty sd card but other programs work just fine and access files on the SD card with no problem. 


So I cleared the data and cache from Spotify and reformatted my SD card.

I started downloading again and the same thing happened again, playlists (specifically downloaded ones) were not refreshing and music would either long pause when I tried to play or the program would freeze entirely. 


I have now downgraded to a June build ( and I am currently re-downloading again and am waiting for it to complete but so far the playlists aren't lagging and are refreshing fine. 


Has anyone ran into these sdcard problems with the last two Spotify builds or is it possible that the SD card is the culprit? I will report back with results later today as far as the downgrade goes. 


I got this SD card from Amazon priced at 80-120 dollars for 128gb in 2015 (I know there are plenty of fakes out there) which is a Samsung Evo class 10.



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Seems to be related to crappy programming on the latest versions. I haven't had any issues since downgrading.


Why doesn't this company release notes for patch releases explaining what they are changing or adding so I can avoid needlessly updating for features I don't care for? 

Update: Other programs started failing this week while reading the sdcard it would appear my sdcard is the culprit. 

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