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[SOLUTION] Spotify wont download songs on Android, read "downloading 0 out of 0 (0% complete)

[SOLUTION] Spotify wont download songs on Android, read "downloading 0 out of 0 (0% complete)

I was having an issue downloading music on Spotify on my Galaxy S7. Most of my music had downloaded to my phone, but I starated downloading some random playlists to check out some new music and it froze in the middle of one of them and in my pull down notification menu it read the message that is in the subject line. No matter what I did it would not download my music. I restarted my phone, uninstalled, reinstalled, removed the playlists, tried different music. Nothing worked. Finally I went into my app settings and went to my application manager and selected Spotify. After opening this menu I selected App Permissions I selected storage to allow it, then I selected it again to turn it off. Upon turning it off, Spotify restated and when it did, voila, it was downloading my music again. I hope this helps someone as I was unable to find this solution anywhere online.
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Hoping this was the solution i needed. I have a S7 edge too. Now my downloads are stuck at 0 of 205 and can't get anymore songs to download. 

If I've said 99 times I don't like a artist then it's safe to assume I probably don't like that artist.

i have an s7 as well. had to change permission to storage. would only let me download so many songs. thanks for the hint

I've done all the basic troubleshooting and still have problems with my songs downloading to offline mode. For some reason it will download 1 or 2 songs then just stall. If I get off Wifi and connect again it will download 1 or 2 again and stall. This is so frustrating. Wiped phone cache, Spotify cache (Lost all 2000+ songs I had to offline), reinstalled, have yet to do a phone wipe (I'm trying to leave it for last). Change the storage location for the data of Spotify between both internal and SD and turned on and off the Storage permission in the apps settings.




EDIT: Went ahead and reset phone, it's working now.

Well that worked... thanks.... spotify could make it clearer


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