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Same Playlist Keeps Queuing Up and Autoplaying

Same Playlist Keeps Queuing Up and Autoplaying


Plan Premium

Country US

Device Note 9 (various)

Operating System Android Oreo (various)


My Question or Issue

There is the an album titled Best of Nguyen Van Hoan that seems to override any attempt for me to play anything on any platform. I've tried the Spotify app on PC desktop, I've tried the web player. I've tried several phones. I've changed my password a time or two. I've elected to log out of every device. This list of songs seems to be able to override anything I try to do. Upon logging in to Spotify (on any device) the music begins playing. I cannot stop it as it will resume on its own. Me trying to play anything else results in my song playing for about 5 secs and then the same song starts up again. I cannot turn off shuffle. All these terrible songs queue up in the up next right away. The only songs I can select and play all the way through are the ones from this album. 

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