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Samsung 5512 not working

Samsung 5512 not working

Is Samsung 5512 supported (gingerbread) my screen goes blank when I start the app.

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Hi 5512y. As far as I know gingerbread should work fine with Spotify.


Could you have a look at Troubleshooting Spotify on Android and follow the steps? Then we can take it from there.


PS There are some steps that ask you to do a search for existing threads or start a new one. Disregard those. Just do the troubleshooting and then post your information back in here as a reply.


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Hi 5512y

Just as an addition to what Per mentioned, this issue has come up before when the phone has had no SD card inserted or the SD card has been corrupt. Could you confirm that you have an SD card and do a check on it.

Also, I note that the 5512 has a particularly small screen (320 x 240) - could be that spotify doesn't support this resolution.

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