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Samsung Galaxy watch Bluetooth not shuffle offline

Samsung Galaxy watch Bluetooth not shuffle offline






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Hi all i think this is RIDICULOUS! But i bought a samsung galaxy watch last week and installed on spotify mobile, when i go out for a run shuffle mode is not avaiable... shuffle mode is avaiable only with phone connected od wifi connected.


A downloaded playlist on my smartwatch cannot be shuffled???

Please staff do anything to update the mobile app because i bought this smartwatch for go out running without my freaking PHONE!!!

Let update this post TX


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>This is the answer of Spotify Customer Service


Hello G***,

We contacted our technical department and they told us that, unfortunately, the shuffle function is not available even for the LTE version even using a mobile connection.

If you need anything else, we're here to help.



Hello sir, I have this samsung watch with takin and spotify premium, and too i downloaded the playlist of my favourite songs to my watch.   Now I understand what you are talking about, unable to shuffle or unshuffle your songs, and i like to explain how; firstly, you opened the spotify app or it opens automatically and your connected by 4G or wifi in order to play spotify premium......Right, now back to the main display top button #1, and rotate  the bezel to the spotify quick app, there you'll find a drop down menu to shuffle or unshuffle the playlist as well as this controls the volume, and more. 


i found menu but when the watch is totally offline (no 4g no bluetooth and no wifi) shuffle button is not avaiable!


Spotify can resolve this issue with an update of the app but they not do this.

Can slmebody tell me if the problem has been fixed in the meantime? Is there a "real" shuffle?

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