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Saucy Beats

Saucy Beats

Spotify keeps randomly jumping to "saucy Beats" random, awful, nonsense. 


Now I have reset all my passwords and logged out everywhere. However, a quick Google search suggests I am not alone in this issue and therefore has me worried. 


Has anyone got to the bottom of why this is and if there has been a breach of Spotify security?





20 Replies

Same here.

Did you get any response?

Not a word...

Just sent out the message to customer support.

I can't listen to any song until the end without interrupting.


Clearly I'm not an expert but go to the 'log out everywhere' function and hit 'I've forgotten my password' before logging in again. It has worked for me, but that is what worried me, how has someone or something got into multiple Spotify accounts?



I just tried that, let's see if the saucy beats will hunt me again.

I have the same problem.  I will try this

So far so good.  No Saucy Beats yet....

Hi! Having the same problem too. Whats up with this??

Who knows, no answers yet!

Your suggestion of signing out of all of your devices and resetting your password worked for me so far...

I am also having this issue. I have logged out all devices and restarted all devices. No effect. This is horrible.

Hi Kevin. Go to the log out everywhere function and do that. Then BEFORE logging back in click the I've forgotten my password function and change your password.


Then, do the same on any site that you have used the same password because I'm increasingly certain that there has been a security breach and some passwords have been somehow leaked.


I'd LOVE to be proven wrong.

I hate that saucy **bleep** 

I did the sign out everywhere/password change solution last week and still have the issue. Pretty infuriating.

Hi, I did it already and nothing happends... still saucy beats on my account  😞 

I just checked my family plan account and found an unknown user on my account.  I removed him and changed my password.  I also changed my Facebook password because I have logged into Spotify with Facebook before.

I just erased the app and changed all my psws too, maybe (I hope) that may work. Thank u.

I get this too, wth is up with that. Signed out everywhere and it stopped for a couple of days then started again

I discovered an unknown user on my family plan. I deleted that user and changed my passwords on both Spotify and Facebook because I have sometimes used it to login to Spotify.

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