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Save Spotify to internal SD Card

Save Spotify to internal SD Card



Is there a way to save Spotify to an internal formatted SD card? The feature in the Spotify options only allows you to save it to an external formatted SD card. Unfortunately, that is pretty useless and I explain why:


External formatted SD cards don't allow the user to save apps to their SD card on Android devices. However, my apps already use up all of my internal storage and I always need to delete something in order to install a new app. I would have to format my SD card to internal, so as to move some of my apps to my SD card. Sadly, If I do so I can't save Spotify to my SD card. I would have to place it in my internal phone storage. Yet Spotify uses up so much space on my phone, that this is impossible, even if I move every moveable app to my internal formatted SD card to make room on my internal phone storage.


So in the long run I would either have to find a solution to save Spotify to an internal formatted SD card or I would, regrettably, get rid of my Spotify premium account. I'm sorry, but I just can't understand why you would make an app only saveable on external SD cards, while every other app in the world is only compatible with internal formatted SD cards...

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If your SD card is formatted as "internal" storage apps don't see an external SD card, just a large pool of internal storage, so the option to save music there won't appear. The android OS decides where to place files. There is a way to parttion yur SD card into part, internal and part external storage but you'll need to search Google for instructions on how to do this.

Sorry but I have to disagree. If I format it as internal storage, I see both storages seperately and my apps do as well. I can then go into Options->Apps select an app and choose to place it onto my internal SD card or I can also use an app to move every movable app to my SD card.


If I format the SD card as external, this option doesn't appear and I can't place any apps on my SD card. This is a feature that came with the Marshmallow upgrade. Until then it was not possible to place apps on the SD card at all (without hacking at least).

Maybe check out this post.

There's a post in this thread which may help you.

Unfortunately, the post didn't help me. I can't move Spotify to my SD card as described in step 4. The option simply doesn't appear. I think this is intendet, as Spotify wants the user to use the internal option to save the music on the SD card. Which is again only possible with SD cards formatted as mobile 😞


Any other suggestions?

So, is there a solution to this yet? It's still very impractical the way it is right now...

I've the same problem. I've specially bought 64 GBSD Card. Before, I decided to format SD card as internal, I saw this option, but now I'be 3 GB of free space in HTC ONE M8S, and I've poblem with downloading offline albums. Spotify Please fix this. 😕

Same problem here also. 


This issue keeps me away from buying a new premium subscription, just because my internal formatted SD card cannot be used for downloading the music... 


This is very disappointing. 


So what can we do to make the developers more aware of this problem? It seems our issue is not really noticed in this forum, even though this is a huge problem if you want to use Spotify on any Android phone that supports external SDs...

Same problem here... I think that it's an stupid if case that hides the storage option in the Spotify app itself.. They are just doing it so that people without any sd card haveno wrong hopes..


No support for android new storage option rmakes me sad 

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