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Voice control on Android

Voice control on Android

Ride a motorcycle and would like to be able to change songs etc by voice control over bluetooth. Spotify will start playing a track of my choice when I start up, but if I request a new track "play xxx by xxx in Spotify" I get the Android voice acknowledgement but the current track keeps playing.


It works occasionally, but mostly just does nothing. Experimenting, I can occasionally get it to switch tracks after giving a null command to google (i.e. press to talk, say nothing, then it finishes, then Spotify plays the next track) or by telling Spotify to "stop music", and it then starts the new track. Very inconsistent though.


Recently switched from Google Play Music All Access which worked perfectly. Will switch back if can't get this 100% operational in the next 30 days (premium trial period).


Any out there any help?



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I'd just like to confirm having the same issue on a Nexus 5x running Android 7.0, and Spotify version Also, as per the thread below, there appear to be several other people having the same issue, across a number of devices (including the Galaxy S7), and other Android versions (Marshmallow specifically). See:

The problem I'm having is that the google viuce feature completely hijacks spitify once i plug in the headphones. Even when i listen in offline mode google voice cistantly interrupts asking me 'if i just said something' often ti the point where i can't listen at all because google voice is so out of control it is interruptung itself, skipping tracks, turning volume all the way down, shutting music off entirely, etc. It's maddening. Please help.

I am having the same issue. However, when I issue a voice command over my bluetooh headset, Google Voice recognize and processes the command. For example, "Play [artist] on Spotify". But it will not actually start playing the music. I have to wake up the screen / unlock the phone then it works. That defeats the whole point of handsfree. 

This is happening to me too. So maddening!!! I'm nearly ready to quit Spotify. Even when I disable Google voice commands it still hijacks Spotify. Any luck solving the problem??? "If you just said something, I didn't understand" driving me mad.

Bump. It's frustrating for someone who drives as much as I do. Google Play Music does this very well. 

When I ask Google to "play la la land soundtrack," The search result correctly matches this to "La La Land (Original Soundtrack)."



When it opens Spotify, however, it has only searched for "la la land." It sometimes won't play at all, or it will just play songs from the list of results.



If Google can match this with Spotify, it should be able to open directly to that matched result rather than opening the search page.

same issue here, please spotify fix your darn app

same !!

Same here .(

please fix

Same here moto G4 plus marshmallow

More than 6 months after original post, still no answer from a spotify employee... 😕

Nope. Seems like they don't care too much about my $10/month.

Melody Voice Assistant can now do this for you (full disclaimer: I work here). Once you start the app and connnect it to your Spotify account - you can play a song, artist, album, genre, mood, playlist and also control your music simply using your voice.


Thanks for the tip on this app. I will definitely use it. I actually had a screen pop up when I opened Spotify on my phone yesterday that said something like "Now you can control Spotify with your voice. Tap to learn more". When I tapped my screen nothing happened though and I never saw anything else about it. It looked like Spotify was anouncing native voice capabilities, from the screen. 

Woooaahh I have the same problem.I NEED to find a way to fix this because of how maddening it becomes when you can't even listen to music by yourself quietly.

I'm an app developer, and I've made an app that allows you to use voice commands to control Spotify on Android:

Original poster here back a year later to see whether this is still a problem. Would consider moving back to Spotify if they've now fixed it, any idea?



They haven't fixed it. 😞

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